vineri, 20 iulie 2012

Song of the weekend

Song of the weekend: ThePianoGuys

marți, 28 februarie 2012

Cool beats

Am văzut acum ceva timp, diverse filmulețe care m-au impresionat. Chiar zilele trecute mă gândeam la unul dintre ele: îmi aminteam cu și despre ce e, dar nu știam cum să îl caut. Într-un final am găsit ce căutam și cuvântul cheie este: hang drum

Și dacă tot sunt la categoria 'special', am să mai postez două filmulețe:

Dave Crowe (cuvânt cheie: beatbox)

Dub FX (cuvânt cheie: looping)

marți, 17 ianuarie 2012

Dream big!

Now, that one of my greatest dreams came true, I feel like everything is possible. I can dream big and have much more faith that my dreams will eventually come true.

I finally got the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom to visit London and I indeed have. I have been to lots of places: Madam Tussauds, the Aquarium, Tower of London, all sorts of museums; I saw Big Ben, Tower Bridge; I took a ride on the London Eye and I fall in love with England. The architecture is so beautiful, the city is full of houses made by bricks that give a special touch to the hole place; it is very clean and even if it is hard to believe, it is also quiet. So, I hardly wait to go back and perhaps even visit some other parts of the United Kingdom.

I haven't been home for too long and I got another offer to go abroad and visit Rome, Italy. So tonight I booked my flight and I'll be going in the middle of May along with some friends of mine. Life seems like getting more adventurous.

Update: Things just get better and better. :D Now, our company is organizing a trip for a weekend in mid february to Poiana Brasov to a 4 stars hotel with accomodation and transport included + a festive meal.

And here is a special dedication to all of you:

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun "